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We the undersigned are appalled by the racist and misogynist remarks made by Frank Hester, CEO and owner of TPP. As an industry, we unequivocally and categorically condemn these words. Racism, misogyny and other forms of discrimination have no place within the digital health and care community. It is not sufficient to be neutral against bigotry. We must all stand up and be counted. We call for strong leadership to stamp out discrimination. We commit to coming together as individuals and organisations to develop an equity charter, which incorporates standards of behaviour that we hold ourselves and each other to.

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Day 1.

It was the evening before the opening day of Rewired, the biggest digital health conference in England.

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Day 2.

It was the next morning, the day of the conference, when Ayesha and Victoria began to hatch a plan.

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Day 3.

The next day of the conference saw Ayesha and Victoria huddled together in a corner of the Rewired speaker’s lounge, putting together a form of words.

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Day 4.

With 1000+ signatures and counting, Ayesha, Victoria and Hassan are committed to taking a stand and making this moment count.

Sign the Open Letter today.

Find the names of all of the Open Letter signatories below who stand for diversity and equity in Digital Health.

Anil Jain

Aahuti Rai

Aaliya Mohamed

Aasha Cowey

Abbie Walter

Abigail Harrison

Achala Patel

Adam Ansell

Adam Bargery

Adam Cain

Adam Coombes

Adam Drury

Adam Mcivor

Ade Byrne

Adjoa Nsiah-Jennings

Adrian Jonas

Aislinn Gomez Bergin

Akinwande Aboderin

Alan Thompson

Alastair Mcclelland

Alex Christie

Alex Hernandez

Alex Leach

Alexandra Eavis

Alexis Farrow

Alexis May

Alice Butler

Alima Bibi

Alison Walker

Alistair Cannon

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Organisational Signatories.

The Organisations who stand for diversity and equity in Digital Health.

Absolute Diversity


Advanced Health & Care



Ahlc Solutions Ltd

Alexander Jack

Alphalake Ai

Antworks Community

Apeirogon Ai Ltd


Apna Digital

Apna Midlands

Apna NHS

Arca Resourcing

Axminster Medical Practice

Bcs Health & Care


Black Country Health And Well-Being Foundation

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Bridgehead Software

British Islamic Medical Association

Cambridge Legal Translations Ltd

Cardiologic Ltd

Cerulean Blue

Ceva Global

Chesterfield Royal Hospital


Clever Together

Clive Henry Group

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Victoria Betton

Ayesha Rahim

Ayesha Rahim

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